• Franklin County man makes African wellness his ministry

    Walter Hughes has refocused his life on helping the people of Ghana build community through wells. Neither the village chief’s purported witchcraft nor the suspicious circumstances of a bus crash deterred Walter Hughes from traveling back to Ghana in May 2005. Read More
  • Rotary celebrates Guinea Worm eradication in Ghana

    Tamale, Feb. 17, Ghana News Agency (GNA) - Madam Anne Mathews, First Female Vice President of Rotary Club International at the weekend joined Rotarians and other stakeholders in the Northern Region to celebrate and discuss how to maintain a guinea worm-free status for Ghana. Read More
  • Only six cases

    There's only six cases of Guinea worm disease in 2014 through April.  Incidence of Guinea worm disease dropped 90% from last year.  We had three consecutive months without any cases being reported from November to January 2014 in South Sudan.  I’m encouraging the people of Read More
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Our mission is to Boy-with-Buruli-Ulcer build a partnership of Rotary Clubs and Districts along with other non-profit organizations to provide clean water, sanitation, hygiene to at risk communities to reduce the impact of disease.  We are also providing medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics.  We are helping to identify disease early and find ways to prevent disability. We will also focus on neglected tropical diseases with the priority being on Buruli Ulcer and eradicating Guinea worm disease. We have a long-term approach to impact in West Africa and South Sudan in East Africa.

Bantama-Women-Pumping- optThe partnership of Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts, and other organizations will partner with Ghana Health Services, District Health Workers, and Community Health Workers to be able to identify disease early and find ways to improve the quality of life by eliminating Buruli Ulcer and other neglected tropical diseases from the communities in Ghana where we serve.  The work we do will be expanded to additional regions of Ghana and finally to the rest of West Africa.  We have key contacts or champions around the world who have helped to make this work possible.

Dipale-Fetch-Point-Water-Running We've raised $1.6 million for clean water projects, medical equipment and supplies since 2006. We were actively involved in the eradication of Guinea Worm Disease in Ghana and are eager to do impact Buruli Ulcer Disease. We raise money from Rotarians in clubs in the USA, Ghana, Canada, and Switzerland.  Most of the funds raised are matched and managed by the Rotary Foundation.  We encourage and support as many partnerships outside of Rotary to build on the strengths of each organization.  We would like to partner with you!

These are some of the people on our team.  They talk about the need, do the work, and connect us to other potential partners.  We have many dedicated Rotarians in each of our partnering clubs and districts who raise money.  We thank every club and every Rotarian who have helped to provide clean water in Ghana.

rotary-logoWe are a team of Rotarians from over eighty Rotary Clubs in twelve U.S. States, two Canadian Provinces, Switzerland, and Ghana. We are working together to reduce Buruli Ulcer and other neglected tropical diseases. We were involved in the eradication of Guinea Worm Disease! Over eighty Rotary Clubs raised funds to achieve these goals.

The initial goal was to raise money for one well. Our team raised over $1.1 million in clean water Rotary humanitarian grants. The contributions raised are usually matched by the Rotary District, the Rotary Foundation, and the Georg Fischer Jubilee Clean Water Foundation. 

We are always working on the next project funded by a Rotary global grant.  The grants usually include new and repaired boreholes, sanitation, medical care and perhaps an educational component for schools.  We need a pledge from an individual, Rotary Club or District.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope it moves you to become involved in our work to bring Clean Water, and Hope to Africa. For more information about how you can help, please join our mailing list.
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  • icon Dream Big

This two-minute video tells the story of taking a Rotary team to Ghana to see the needs for clean water, sanitation and better health. It is a powerful video that can be used for the Rotary minute at partnering Rotary Club meetings.

Download See Needs in Ghana

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"Dream Big" is our story of the work being done in Ghana and South Sudan to provide clean water, sanitation and better health. We are helping to eradicate Guinea worm disease in South Sudan by putting boreholes (wells) where the most people are sick. Rotary is providing clean water for schools, hospitals and poor communities. We are partnering with the district health directors and other non-profit organizations like Map International, American Leprosy Missions and Water in Africa for Everyday Responsiveness (W.A.T.E.R.).

Download Dream Big

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